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Options for the swinging cold storage doors

Eco-Cold Swinging Low Temperature Door Options

Cladding: Stainless steel, embossed white aluminum, embossed mill aluminum, smooth white galvanized, embossed black galvanized, embossed white galvanized, smooth white aluminum and embossed gray galvanized

Backup mirror image casing

Jamb wall caps

Thru-wall jamb casings

Keyed latch

Door closer with standard soft touch latch

Casing mounted thermometer

Casing mounted light switch

Panic bar latching hardware

Heat in door and casing (recommended on freezers below -20°F)

Polished aluminum diamond tread kick plates

Satin finish stainless steel kick plates

Heated or non-heated vision windows

Heated or non-heated threshold

6” door thickness for extreme cold environments

Custom sizes available