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A sliding low temperature door

Eco-Cold Sliding Low Temperature Doors Overview

The Eco-Cold horizontal sliding door, designed for high cycle, abusive applications, is the workhorse of our product offering. We offer single and bi-parting doors for coolers and freezers in a variety of finishes. The Eco-Cold design features a heavy duty FRP framework, heavy duty track system with permanently lubricated rollers and molded polymer casings. These “best in class” features all come in either manual or motor operated systems. Standard 4” thick and optional 6” (for applications below -20°F) are available.

PerfectSeal™ Gasket System

Most major cold storage door manufacturers utilize a balloon type seal that is either attached to the jamb casing or the door panel. This type of seal is subject to wear and tear during normal operation and is easily damaged. Unlike traditional cold storage doors where the gasket is on the front face, the PerfectSeal gasket system utilizes a two-ply, fabric reinforced blade seal against the top and side edges of the door panel. This solves a number of issues including frequent replacement of worn out seals, wear and tear on sealing surfaces and gasket damage from impact. It also minimizes air infiltration and moisture problems common to traditional cold storage doors, even when less than perfect conditions exist.

Extreme Heavy Duty Sliding Track

Sliding cold storage door systems have to stand up to extreme conditions and heavy usage every day. The Eco-Cold EHD (extreme heavy duty) track system is ideal for any size door in the most abusive environment. The EHD track system has been designed to perform dependably for years with virtually no required maintenance. An optional hood system is also available with the EHD track. Manual doors come standard with an adjustable track mounted hold close bracket. The hold close device prevents “bounce back” on manually operated doors.

Roller Assembly

Eco-Cold heavy duty rollers incorporate a built in anti-derail design that insures that the door system remains on the track and operational. Slotted mounting holes and a jack bolt make installation and adjustment of the door system quick and easy. Permanently lubricated rollers provide smooth, quiet performance for many years.

Under Panel Guide System

All Eco-Cold cold storage doors incorporate an adjustable floor guide system that installs under the door panel. This concealed design eliminates the floor rollers that many cold storage doors require. The under panel guide is easy to install, can be adjusted for a perfect seal, and has a much cleaner look than bulky rollers that are prone to being hit by loads passing through the opening.