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An overlap low temperature door

Eco-Cold Overlap Low Temperature Doors Overview

Eco-Cold Overlap Doors are designed for applications where an excellent perimeter seal and high insulation values across the entire surface of the opening are required. Overlap doors are an excellent choice for blast freezers, extreme low temp freezers, and applications with high temperature differences and/or humid conditions exist. Overlap Doors are also suitable to be used as access ports for refrigeration equipment servicing and maintenance. Eco-Cold doors utilize a full perimeter FRP frame, insuring a positive thermal break and eliminating any risk of frost or moisture buildup. Other standard features include CFC-Free poured in place urethane, FRP face casings, and UHMW (wood free) blocking.

Eco-Cold Overlap Doors are available 4 in. thick for coolers and freezers, or 6 in. thick for freezers. Overlap Doors come standard with proper hardware, face casings and perimeter heat on freezer models. Available options include vision panels, impact plates, locking option, additional perimeter heat and special finishes.